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The Latest Spur Radio Roundup Podcasts

Your host, Ken, talks with the artists, producers, and the Texas mucky, mucks about their current music video. They’ll talk about what went into them, the fun they had making the video, and where on you can see it. You can watch the podcasts or listen to the audio in your car. It’s all provided just for you.

Podcast Recent Episodes

EP. 1 - Richie Bastillo
EP. 2 - Chuck Wimer
EP. 3 - Cherise Carver

What Listeners Say

Only great people listen to Spur Radio. If you’re one of them, feel free to let us know what you like. Here are some comments we received that make us blush when we read them.

Meet Your Podcast Host

Kenny is a Texas Country Music enthusiast himself and loves the music that is generated in the biggest state in the union.  You can see him chattin’ it up with artists on YouTube, on the Spur Radio Roundup.

Your Roundup Host

Texas Artists

We try to provide music from all the Texas Country artists. If you want to hear an artist played on Spur Radio or rounded up for a YouTube interview, please let us know on Facebook.

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