New Release – Sundance Head & Ariel Hutchins “Showing Off”

Sundance Head and Ariel Hutchins have joined forces in a display of considerable vocal and musical talent, the result of which is their duet “Showing Off”, scheduled for release May 25, 2021.

Sundance, the 2016 winner of The Voice, originally recorded “Showing Off” on his album “Stained Glass and Neon”, produced by Dean Dillon on his Wildcatter Record label.

Sundance refers to the writers of the song, Wendell Mobley and Lee Thomas Miller (with Warner Chappell) and Neil Thrasher (with Peer), as “first-tier” Nashville songwriters and credits Dillon with the access he was given to this song in his initial recording of it.

“I wanted to collaborate on and release a duet,” says Ariel Hutchins. “I asked Dave Smith who he thought might be a great collaborative fit vocally for me and who might elevate my skill set in the process, challenging me and making me better.”

Sundance produced the duet’s recording himself. Ariel flew to Houston and they recorded in Stormy Cooper’s studio with Sundance and band members Dave Walker and Dustin Edwards playing the session.

“Really wanted to craft it a bit myself this time around,” says Sundance. “I wanted to be hands-on in every aspect of the production, not just in the vocal this time, and I think we did right by it.”

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