New Release June 10th – Axel O “Here I Wanna Live”

About the Song:

“Here I Wanna Live” is a song with simple, yet powerful lyrics that showcase the beauty of country living and celebrate the signs of better things to come. After our most trying year here in Texas and across the globe, “Here I Wanna Live” is sure to resonate with everyone. We will never forget the struggles we faced while having to hide our smiles – but now we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and embracing the joys of summer. Axel O’s rich vocals and genuine demeanor eloquently deliver this catchy tune that you will not be able to get out of your head. Bio:
You could call Axel O a hybrid musician. He was born in Iceland, but his roots run deep in the red dirt of Oklahoma and Texas – and music is in his blood. Growing up in Iceland, he learned how to read music at age 14 and began playing jazz bass with his Dad, who is a professional jazz musician. While jazz was a large part of his upbringing, he was always drawn to the Country music he would listen to on American Forces Radio in the ‘70s.

He moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, with his mom and stepdad when he was 16 and then made his move to Texas at 19, where he called Houston home. It was in the Lone Star State when he found his groove in Country music. Axel played keyboards and guitar and was the lead singer in several bands in Houston. He recorded studio demos, honed his craft and found his voice while also attending Houston Community College where he studied English and Media. He went on to work at Compaq Computer in Tomball in the late ‘80s. While he moved back to Iceland in his late 20s to raise his own family, Tomball remains his second home where his mother, stepdad, two brothers and their families still live.

Back in Iceland, Axel graduated from the University of Iceland with a degree in English and Media and was in the University Classical Choir. He studied singing with a world famous Opera singer, Kristjan Johannsson. He also lived in Italy, The Netherlands and Germany for a total of nine years.

As a Country music artist, Axel has performed in five countries in the last four years and has made over 100 radio appearances and released 26 songs – 24 of those are originals. When not playing music, Axel truly embraces the country lifestyle – whether he‘s in Texas or Iceland. When he was a teenager, he worked three summers on a dairy and horse farm, milking cows and riding horses. As an adult, he started a horse ranch in Iceland that he lived on for years. He made a living selling horses from Iceland to the U.S. and Canada. He was a competitive rider and performed in big horse shows like the Equitana in Louisville, Kentucky; Symphony of Horses in Massachusetts; and the Texas State Fair in Dallas. Axel O is a genuine Icelandic Texan with a unique background that truly sets him apart.

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