New Release – Mo Robson “Drinkin’ Til I Forget”

Steen Promotions is proud to release the single byMo Robson titled “Drinkin’ Til I Forget”.  As the soaring fiddle and revved-up stomping of Mo Robson’s single “Drinkin’ Til I Forget” charges from the speakers, there’s no denying just how very honky-tonkin’ this stone-cold country gem is. 

Singer-songwriter Mo Robson has indeed lived the hardcore troubadour life he often depicts in his outlaw country style. He’s been a mainstay of Texas honky-tonks, dancehalls and festivals for the better part of 20-years, with a handful of stone-cold country records under his belt. But he didn’t start writing songs in Texas. After playing drums in a band during his years attending Texas Tech University, Robson admits he took up the life “of a snowboard bum” after moving to Salt Lake City. In the midst of those snowy mountain ranges is where he channeled his lifelong love of Willie, Waylon and the boys, as well as rock greats such as Social Distortion and fellow Texans the Toadies, into his first-ever self-penned tunes. He hasn’t let his own, uniquely individual story go to waste. Robson’s keen ability to write and sing about traditional country themes such as drinking, loving, losing and regret, but with a fresh and unique perspective is what makes him such a standout artist that deserves to be heard. On his single “Drinkin’ Til I Forget,” Robson sings from the perspective of a fella that can’t get out of his own way, and basically makes his life harder every time he goes out but doesn’t really know just how he does it. True to his music, Robson isn’t shy about where art imitates life. “The song is about a rough night of drinking and raising hell,” Robson says. “But it’s a bit autobiographical in that that it’s about a guy wanting to quit living so hard but keeps doing the same thing over and over again, regardless.” Produced by John Pedigo (Old 97’s, Joshua Ray Walker), Robson’s newest tunes represent the initial crop of new material after years of focusing solely on his live show, and not on crafting new songs. Featuring classic honky-tonk elements such as swingin’ fiddle and the stomping rhythms that bring out the rock-edge of outlaw country, Robson is decidedly at home. He’s eager to offer up some details on what his life’s been like since he last hit the studio.

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