New Release – Brendyn Kyle “Raised Up Around Here”

Steen Promotions is proud to release the latest single by Brendyn Kyle titled “Raised Up Round Here”. “Raised Up ‘Round Here” is a song about a free spirited individual from a small town who is eager to see what its like on the other side of the fence. He leaves his first love behind as he ventures off into the great unknown, only to find that everything he was looking for was back home all along. .

Brendyn Kyle is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Sweetwater, Texas. Being born into a family of musicians almost guaranteed his love for music from the start. Watching family member’s live shows with the performances ranging from the “Outlaw Country” of Merle Haggard in honky-tonks to Christian hymns in the church; no doubt inspired Brendyn and the songs he writes today. As a little boy, he would sing for the family every chance he had using a broomstick for a guitar. It wasn’t until a Summer stay with his grandparents that Brendyn first started to learn chords on his grandfather’s Fender- those first few chords soon became a hobby that would grow into a real passion and career. When ”Red Dirt” first emerged with Cross Canadian Ragweed and artists like Randy Rogers and Aaron Watson, Brendyn completely connected and was hooked, making those artists some of his biggest musical influences along with all greats of ”90’s Country.” Brendyn Kyle’s intense love of performing has taken him from his fantastic shows with a broomstick guitar and a hairbrush for a microphone to the real-life big stage backed by a full band and audiences full of loyal Brendyn Kyle fans. From his first recorded song ”Satisfaction” to his latest release Brendyn Kyle has consistently produced songs everyone can relate to and songs that invoke emotion and memories, and that’s what country music has always been about.

Dillon Steen, Owner
Steen Entertainment, LLC
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