New Release – Sarah Hobbs “Black Bayou”


From the second I heard the demo I fell in love with the song. It’s a sad story but very tongue and cheek writing so you can see it playing out with a smile on the girls face. It resonated with me because I grew up on bayous and rivers on the Louisiana line on the Texas side. It’s a beautiful but very creepy. lol. Alligators, snakes, old boat shacks. It gives you that South Louisiana feel. This song has so much grit and attitude but the melody is so good and rockin’, I HAD to cut it!


Sarah Hobbs embodies the sound of old country music with Texas grit. She is from the small town of Jefferson located in Northeast Texas. Sarah released EP, “Texas Made”, in 2018 . She has released 5 songs to radio since 2016, 2 of which were top 10. She has been featured on many other artists records for duets and co-writes.

Sarah has been touring in Texas and the surrounding states since 2014. She has gone abroad with “Texas Music Takeover” in London, England, as well as “Texas Red Dirt Pub Crawl” in Dublin, Ireland. She has played the South Iceland Country Music Festival as a featured artist.

Sarah comes from a family of musicians dating back to the early 1900s. Her great grandfather, uncles, cousins and dad all played so Sarah was destined to follow in their footsteps! She has a passion of old country music and when you hear her talk, you’ll know why. Her songwriting comes from the life experiences she’s had, both good and bad, so when she sings, you can guarantee its from the heart.

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