New Release – Kyle Killgore “Passenger Seat”

Steen Promotions is proud to release the latest single by Kyle Killgore titled “Passenger Seat”.

Kyle Killgore is one of the fastest growing music acts in the Texas/Red Dirt country music scene. Forming in 2018 and since then has played over 500 shows all over the Midwest. Based out of Wichita, Kansas, the band has been on a high rise since the release of their debut album “Jackson” in late 2018. In 2020, KKB followed their early success with their first debut single to radio titled: “Livin’ on the Run” which managed to reach the Top 100 of the Texas Music Charts. ” Passenger Seat” is the second single from Kyle Killgore’s EP Livin’ On the Run.

The song depicts the struggles of being away from home and the people you love while chasing a dream. The song was written by Kyle’s younger brother, Keylan Killgore. Both are tasked with the burden of leaving their wife’s and family as they chase their dreams. Keylan, a professional baseball player, wrote the song during his rookie season in the minor leagues. Kyle was able to share those emotions with his brother during his time as a travelling musician. The Kyle Killgore band has been playing this song across the Midwest and those who have heard it clamored for its release.

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