New Release – Bubba T – “East Texas Red Dirt Blues”

You’ve come to know Bubba T over the years as a fun, sometimes little crazy, guy who released rowdy
sing along songs and always just wanted to make sure everyone was having a good time by bringing
back honky tonk music. Then he showed everyone a more serious side when he released his duet with
Bri Bagwell and sang about a personal family story. Now, Bubba is back with a different tune. A
Texas/Red Dirt country music tune that comes from his heart and his Palestine ranch.
“East Texas Red Dirt Blues” was written by Keith Gattis and Bubba T himself. Yes Bubba, who hasn’t
penned a song since back in his rock and roll youth days when he was signed to a major label. The song
is about a man who is sitting on his ranch in Palestine, Texas spending time thinking about a girl who
is up in Dallas. Keith and Bubba, while visiting on Bubba’s ranch and catching up, clearly knew they
had a story Bubba wanted to share and a hook they could build around. Itching to get back on the
writer’s block, Bubba went to work with Keith and born was not only “East Texas Red Dirt Blues” but
other songs that reflect where Bubba is in life.
From the first second you hear the intro of “East Texas Red Dirt Blues” you know you are hearing
something different from anything else released by Bubba. The songwriting is personal and genuine,
the music is Texas/Red Dirt country.